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CheckNoise hand

Checknoise hand is a magnetic anomaly detector, that can reliably detect mobile phones and otherelectronic devices on a moving person.


A phone that frees you not only from the world of apps and carriers, but also from the world of Google and data-hungry companies, allowing you to make secure and encrypted calls and messages to anyone.


is a compact device specifically designed for protecting your phone from wiretapping, and jamming recording devices.. The primary purpose of the device is to protect small or confined spaces such as pockets, bags, cupboards, drawers, table top etc.


This product is intended to be used exclusively with the MyNoise product. When inserted into the stand, it creates a 360-degree circular ultrasound wave, which omnidirectionally interferes with the nearest sound recording device. At the same time, it provides protection against ceiling microphones.

CheckNoise hand

Mobile devices and ferromagnetic materials detector

CheckNoise is a magnetic anomaly detector, that can reliably detect mobile phones and otherelectronic devices on a moving person. It enables fast localization on the body surface or in body cavities, and it can detect devices even in off state. The device is not intended for stationary object detection.

The detection is based on the object’s interaction with the Earth’s magnetic field. CheckNoise uses advanced RF-Flux detection technology sensors with ultimate resolution of magnetic field changes, which are capable of detecting ferromagnetic materials such as metals and other magnetic objects. This allows for reliable detection of concealed weapons, metallic objects, and other potentially dangerous objects of interest, specifically in the case of moving persons or luggage.

This device is designed with uncompromising durability and reliability in mind. It is suitable for use in harsh environments such as security checks at airports, in prisons, in courts, in meeting rooms, etc.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 60 x 270 mm
Weight: 340g
Battery life: 6 hours
Communication: WiFi and Bluetooth
Power supply: 230V, 7.6V/2A DC

Space protection

Personal protection



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People in our company have 25 years of experience in the protection of acoustic data. Our goal is to maximize the efficiency of our products by continuously developing and testing new devices on the market in the area of wiretapping. Our unique technology is developed by top experts, making sure the parameters of our equipment are viable in worldwide scale.



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