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If you believe that your house, car, office, or other personal space has been compromised by eavesdropping, or you just need some peace of mind, contact Markzoom Ltd. Markzoom Ltd. employs the best TSCM professionals, equipped and trained to use the latest technology.

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Powerful modern surveillance and digital recording devices can be easily hidden in everyday-use devices such as mobile phones, keychains, thumb drives, computer mice, pens, power cords, jewelry, clocks, and just about anything else that blends in with the targeted location. Modern devices are tiny and they‘re capable of transmitting audio and video for hours across the globe.
Traditional espionage tactics of intercepting mail and rifling through the garbage looking for carelessly discarded company secrets still exists, however, it has been enhanced by dramatic advancements in technology.

Technical security is the physical search and electronic scanning of the designated area (such as home, office, or automobile) in order to detect electronic surveillance devices – commonly referred to as bugs or bugging devices. Sweeping countermeasures (TSCM) are designed to detect the presence of eavesdropping devices and evaluate the vulnerability of the location or space to covert surveillance techniques.

Thankfully, most bugging devices transmit information through radio waves

that can be detected by trained personnel using counter surveillance equipment (spectrum analyzers). Other covert devices that do not emit radio waves need to be either flushed-out using equipment that detects the magnetic part of the electromagnetic field or located through a physical search. Additionally, thermal cameras may be used to detect residual heat emitted from a concealed power supply to find those extremely well-hidden devices inside walls or other fixed locations.

Space protection

Personal protection



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People in our company have 25 years of experience in the protection of acoustic data. Our goal is to maximize the efficiency of our products by continuously developing and testing new devices on the market in the area of wiretapping. Our unique technology is developed by top experts, making sure the parameters of our equipment are viable in worldwide scale.



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